Worldwide Stamp New Issues.

Please read this file carefully before using this resource.

This is my attempt at collating information available on the Internet and elsewhere into a worldwide listing of new issues of postage stamps. Firstly, I must state that I am trying not to infringe anybody's copyright by doing so. If any person who has interest in copyright of any information contained herein considers myself to have infringed such copyright, then please do not hesitate to E-Mail me .

If any person wishes to reproduce this information, they would be best advised to find out (in the acknowledgements in the relevant page) my sources for the information and arrange such reproduction with the copyright holders themselves. Much of the information here has been made available through the goodwill of these copyright holders.

I must emphasize that I do not tolerate the breaching of copyrights in any form whatsoever.

This web site is run as a completely non profit making venture partly as a service to other philatelists, but mostly because I am tired of continually rummaging around the various Web Sites, Search Engines and Links Pages trying to find out new issue information for myself.

There will be very few, if any, pictures in this web site, for ease of use. (Pictures can take a long time to load!). If you wish to see the stamps listed here you would be best advised to follow the Links shown at the bottom of each page.

Before using this resource, please take a little time to understand how these new issue listings are arranged.

Each stamp is listed under the issuing country. Sometimes, when a stamp is issued for a country which is a territory of another country, this stamp will be listed among the issues of both countries. Where this happens, a note will be included within the description of the stamp to say that the stamp is an "Issue for territory " where territory is the territory, the name of which appears on the stamp.

Each set of stamps is listed separately. Each stamp in a set is also listed separately. Where information is not known about a stamp or set of stamps, an entry is left blank. A set is arranged thus:

All issues are arranged in strict chronological order. Where stamps for other than postal use - tax stamps, or stamps for official use - are scheduled, such stamps are integrated within the country listing. Similarly, additions to series of definitive or special stamps are listed on the actual date of issue (if known).

Miniature sheets. There are various different definitions of miniature sheets, souvenir sheets and sheetlets. I have simplified my listings into two types of sheet: miniature sheets, and sheetlets. While the boundaries of the two types are poorly defined, as a general rule miniature sheets are designed to be kept as souvenirs, while sheetlets are designed to be broken up and used as postage stamps.

Criteria for listing. Stamps are listed once announced by a postal authority or other source. Stamps are not removed from the list until I am certain that the issue did not eventuate. Postal Stationery is not normally listed but other "minor varieties" of stamps are listed where the stamp differs materially from the original, for instance: perforation variations or reprints with changed Imprint dates.

Comments in italics - like this - are my own "editorial" remarks on specific stamp issues. Normally they are intended to inform collectors of specific points about new issues, but I reserve the right to get subjective.

A couple of disclaimers. First: I am not a stamp dealer and cannot supply any of the stamps listed. Please either support your local stamp dealer, or deal straight with the postal administration concerned. Second: I only speak English; where information is only available in another language I have guessed the translation. I make no claim whatsoever to the accuracy of such translation!

A few translations are courtesy of the Babelfish web site which, while not perfect, is an important step in an exciting direction - that of breaking down the language barrier.

If anyone has any questions about this web site, or if any collector or postal service knows any new issue information not stated herein, please can they E-Mail me .

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