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Last updated December 2002.

I don't have the time to wade through the entire World Wide Web hunting down interesting sites. Especially when there are people far better at the job than myself. So here are a few links to their links pages. I make no judgements about quality though; different people have different requirements. Please experiment with as many of these links pages as you can. That way you will find which page has the links most suited to the information you require.

The Collecting Stamps FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) - Gert Bultman's original, later maintained by Tracy Barber and now by Kaleb S. Keithley.

Joseph Luft's Philatelic Resources on the Web - Joseph Luft.

Scott Kitchen's Stamp Collecting Page - Scott Kitchen.

Fabio Alarici's Postal Administrations Resources on the Web.

The Stamp Yellow Pages Directory -

Stamp Collecting by Peter G. Aitken.

A.J.'s Encyclopedia of Stamps and Philatelic Links - Arthur J. Ward.

Wim J. Bongers' Philaguide: The Golden Guide for Philatelists., which appears to have absorbed Francis Chan's Stamps Resources.

Chuck's Philatelic Links Home Page - Chuck Hendricksen.

Stamp Today - Links to daily philatelic news online from around the world.

The World Wide Stamp Exchange Club

Links Only - Listings of direct links to articles on stamps and postal history.

Roger's Philatelic Links - Roger De Paepe.

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Various Philatelic Web Sites.

The Stamp Trader List at contains the names of several hundred people who are interested in trading or exchanging stamps.

The Albany Stamp Company, at , specialise in French Colonies, Asia, Topicals, and Holograms.

Birds of the World on Postage Stamps, , compiled by Chris Gibbins, contains a large amount of information regarding birds on stamps.

Tapan Kumer Roy's Stamp Newsletter contains information on Indian and world stamps at , and he also maintains a site on Olympic stamps at . has a listing of new issue services at .

Chrysalis Stamps, who specialise in classic and rare mint postage stamps of the British Empire and Commonwealth, have a web site at .

Missing Web Pages.

Has anyone seen where these pages went to? They all currently show "404 Not Found" or similar error messages.

Links to Philatelic Sites by Users Stamps.

Jennifer's Stampin' Domain at

Auction Millennium, at, has been replaced by a dating service (of all things!).

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