Worldwide Stamp New Issues - Belgium.

Last updated 1 July 2002.

I wish to thank Guy Sydor for his kind permission to reproduce this information. Click here to visit his BelStamps web site.

I also wish to thank Joseph Mesotten for his permission to use information he has provided for Belgian new issues for 1999. Click here to visit Joseph Mesotten's Golf on Stamps web site.

Belgian Philatelic Links.

Useful information on Belgian stamps can be found at the BelStamps web site at .

The Unicover Corporation market the stamps of Belgium to customers in North America on their web site at

The Belgian postal service maintains a web site at , with new issue information in English at .

Belgian philatelic information is also available from Phil-Net at .

Information on the "Elstrom" type definitive stamps is available at .

Jan De Wael has a complete catalogue of Belgian stamps on his web site at .

Information on the World Wide Fund for Nature issue is available from Eurofila from their web site at .

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