Worldwide Stamp New Issues - Great Britain.

Last updated April 2003.

Firstly I wish to thank Ian Billings of Norvic Stamps for his permission to use information he has provided. Click here to visit the Norvic Philatelic Resources web site.

I also wish to thank Jan-Martin Hertzsch and Emilio Corral Maqueda for their assistance with this web page.

Some of the information here is deduced from stamps in my own collection. Some sets mentioned here may contain other values not noted.

Great Britain Philatelic Links.

Norvic Philatelic Resources has Great Britain new issue information on its web site at .

The Worldwide Society of Russian Philately includes some information on Great Britain new issues at the World New Issues Guide, on their site at .

S H Stamps deal in stamps of Great Britain and the British Commonwealth from their web site at .

I wish to thank Emilio Corral Maqueda for his assistance with New Issues on this page.

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