Worldwide Stamp New Issues - Indonesia.

Last updated April 2003.

Firstly I wish to thank the Philatelic Division, P.T. Pos Indonesia, for their kind permission to reproduce information from their Internet site. Click here to visit the Philatelic Division web site.

I would also like to thank Hugo Morel for permission to use information found at his Indonesian internet stamp catalogue.

Some of the information here is deduced from stamps in my own collection. Some sets mentioned here may contain other values not noted.

Indonesian Philatelic Links.

The Philatelic Division, P.T. Pos Indonesia, maintain a web site at Their English language service is unreliable, but very useful when it does decide to work.

English language information could once be found at the World of Stamps web site. However, this site is now defunct and has been replaced by an automatic link to a gambling web site.

Love Indonesia Philately, a major Indonesian philatelic information site, can be found at containing links to recommended Indonesian philatelic sites.

Hugo Morel's catalogue of Indonesian stamps was available at ; however, this site also appears to be defunct.

Herman Santoso writes: "I would like to inform you that I also supply new issues to collectors of Indonesian Stamps and would service orders at the face value plus a small margin.
I would like to introduce myself and my stamp company as:
Herman Santoso
jl.Agung Karya III Blok D kav 6,
Sunter Agung Podomoro,
Jakarta 14340,
FAX      : 62-21-6510889
Phone    : 62-21-5678691
GSM      : 62-811-133264

A complete Indonesian stamp catalogue used to be available at the Indonesia Philatelic Web web site, with the most recent issues at, but unfortunately this no longer works either.

Information on the World Wide Fund for Nature issue is available from Eurofila from their web site at .

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