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Last updated March 2003.

First I wish to thank the United States Postal Service for their permission to use information from their web site.

I would also like to thank Ed Dietz for his assistance with this web page.

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The United States Postal Service keeps various philatelic information on its web site, including lists of new issues at and copies of the Postal Bulletin on-line at .

More official information can be found at .

Local Issues - Hawai'i Post

Hawai'i is one of the fifty States of the United States of America and has since 1900 used the stamps of that nation. Hawai'i Post was established in May 1997 and says it "operates under the exemption to the United States Statutes that allows urgent mail. The relevant statute is Section 39 CFR320-6". Despite the State-encompassing name, the area served is only Waikiki, a suburb of Honolulu. After some thought, the Editor has decided that these stamps would be listed on this web site, on the United States page, at the end of the general listing of United States stamps. The precedent for this has already been established within this web site with the listing at the end of the New Zealand page of those private stamp-issuing companies which sprang up upon deregulation of the New Zealand postal service. With regard to the spelling of Hawai'i - the company spells it with the apostrophe representing a glottal stop (as is common for Polynesian languages where the glottal stop is found, e.g. Samoan) and this is reflected in the company name as shown on its stamps. However, the glottal stop is omitted from the domain name, , due to the inability of domain names to contain apostrophes. This also reflects the way the name is normally written within the United States. The listing below commences with the issue of 13 June, 2000, stated to have been the first issue of stamps by Hawai'i Post.

Hawai'i Post Web Site stamp listings can be found on their web site at .

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