Worldwide Stamp New Issues - Yugoslavia.

Last updated January 2003.

Firstly I wish to thank the Unicover Corporation for their permission to use information published on their web site. Click here to visit the Unicover Corporation web site.

Some of the information here is deduced from stamps in my own collection. Some sets mentioned here may contain other values not noted.

Yugoslavian Philatelic Links.

The Yugoslavian postal service has a web site including philatelic information at http://posta.ptt.yu/default.asp?case=5 . This information is only available in Serbian, and I have not attempted to translate the headings.

Dr. Nikola Dogovic used to maintain a web site at featuring New Issue information for Yugoslavian stamps; this page also features complete listings of stamps for Republika Srpska (Bosnia Herzegovina) and Republika Srpska Krajina (Croatia). However, this site is now unavailable.

The Unicover Corporation market the stamps of Yugoslavia to customers in North America on their web site at

I also wish to thank Miomir Zivkovic for correcting the information held on this page, and providing me with regular updates.

Information on the World Wide Fund for Nature issue is available from Eurofila from their web site at .

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