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Generic Series

ANI - Animals Series

CAD - Cats and Dogs Series

XMA - Christmas Series

ROS - Roses Series

NGE - North Island Generic Series

SGE - South Island Generic Series

ZGE - New Zealand Generic Series

Regional Series

NLD - Northland Series

AKL - Auckland Series

HOW - Howick Village Series

FRC - Franklin Country Series

HUN - Huntly Series

WKT - Waikato Series

HAM - Hamilton Series

CAM - Cambridge Series

OTO - Otorohanga Series

WTO - Waitomo Series

NPL - New Plymouth Series

HAW - Hawera Series

COR - Coromandel Series

BOP - Bay of Plenty Series

ROT - Rotorua Series

TAU - Taupo Series

WRA - Wairoa Series

HAB - Hawkes Bay Series

EKE - Eketahuna Series

TAR - Tararua Country Series

HUV - Hutt Valley Series

WLG - Wellington Series

NEL - Nelson Series

PIC - Picton Series

BUL - Buller Series

WLD - Westland Series

HAS - Hanmer Springs Series

KAI - Kaikoura Series

CHC - Christchurch Series

ASH - Ashburton District Series

GER - Geraldine Series

CSI - Central South Island Series

WNK - Wanaka Series

AWT - Arrowtown Series

QTN - Queenstown Series

QAW - Queenstown, Arrowtown and Wanaka Combined Series

COT - Central Otago Series

DUN - Dunedin Series

GOR - Gore Series

SLD - Southland Series

Advertising Series

BCH - Beach Hop Series

FSA - Food Safety Series

MAM - Maritime Museum Series

QLT - Quilting Series

RES - Resene Series


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